Vision We endeavour to continue in Brotherly love, setting the standard for evangelizing and equipping men for the ministries in the body of Christ. Mission Statements Goal Our goal as a ministry is to see an increase of 11% in our brotherhood by Convocation 2016 The foundation of this department is Jesus Christ. It is our effort to carry out the mission that was left to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. We will share the good news of the gospel to all that we meet and extend an invitation to a better way of living. Our focus will be to unite our men in purpose. Our united purpose will be to ensure that we foster an environment that will aid in building a deeper spiritual relationship with the Lord. Through respect and honesty we will treat every man as an integral member of the body of believers. Unity and fellowship, has always been and will continue to remain paramount among us. To further our fellowship, we have established a formalized church visitation program to assist local churches. While we endeavour to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace, we will embark on various projects throughout the year. On a spiritual level, we are in the process of compiling the results of a survey to help identify areas that require growth and development; on a social level, we have formed two official sport teams, namely a cricket team and a soccer team. Upon completion of the surveys, programs for education and spiritual maturity will begin. It is our sincerest desire to provide an opportunity for all men to reach their full potential. Since the fall of Adam in the garden, men have wondered aimlessly throughout time trying to satisfy the innate desire to worship. In every civilization, there has been a form of worship. We have come to the revelation that Jesus Christ is the way. Our greatest need is to have position with God. We need the communion that Adam had with God, without this there will always be a void in our life. FOR US TO REACH OUR POTENTIAL WE MUST FIRST RECOGNIZE OUR LORD.

• Partner with Men’s Ministries


• Connect with Men


• Continue in Men’s Ministries


• Maintain Our Men’s Ministries



1 Leswyn Road

North York, Ontario

M6A 1J8

Tel.: 416.780.1641

Fax: 416.780.9239


Service Times

 Sundays              9:00 am                Prayer

                             9:30 am                Sunday school (All age)

                            11:00 am               Morning Worship

                             6:00pm                 Evening Worship


 Tuesdays             7:00pm                 Auxiliary

 Thursdays            7:30pm                 Prayer/ Bible Studies

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